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50/50 Double-bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink, ZD-3118P


Type:Handmade Sink, Zero Radius

Overall Size:31 1/4'' x 18 1/8''

Bowl Size:14'' x 16 1/8'' (L);14'' x 16 1/8'' (R)


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Product Details

50/50 Double-bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink, ZD-3118P

Model No.:
Type: Handmade Sink, Zero Radius
Overall Size: 31 1/4'' x 18 1/8''
Bowl Size: 14'' x 16 1/8'' (L)
                  14'' x 16 1/8'' (R)
Depth: 10”/10”
Material: SUS 304
Thickness: 16 Gauge, 18 Gauge
Finish: Satin
Origin: Malaysia
Sample: Available
Custom Style: Available
Stainless steel sinks made in Malaysia are free from ANTI-DUMPING DUTY & EXTRA TARIFF! 

ZD-3118P is the stainless steel handmade double bowl kitchen sink. The size of the two bowls in this sink are the same. So you can put or do different things at the same time. The 16 inch diameter is enough to drop most of the food in the kitchen. Symbolsink kitchen sinks are crafted in one of the most advanced facilities globally using industrial strength T304 18/10 Stainless Steel from Posco, a world leader in quality steel. Because of the good material, it is more durable. Stylish base channels slope to a rear set 3.5 inch drain compatible with a strainer or a waste disposer. Symbolsink's scratch resistant premium satin finish exudes a natural, grained pattern & a soft soothing glow that gets better with use. Whether you cook daily or not, it helps when the sink is easy on the eyes.



Packing of the 50/50 Double-bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink, ZD-3118P

 A、 1 pc per carton

package of double bowl handmade sink.jpg

B、 Nested on pallet, highly cost effective

nested handmade sink packaing

About Symbolsink
A Leading Handmade Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturer

Symbolsink is a leading kitchen sink manufacturer
, with a wide range of products made with advanced technology to exceed industry standards. To ensure exceptional quality, Symbolsink products are always made with premium materials as well as cutting-edge designs.

The sink is the heart of the kitchen. According to statistics, the use of all kinds of articles in the kitchen, the sink has the highest utilization rate. In the after meal preparation and cleaning up, there is more than 65% of the time which is directly related to the sink. It is very important to choose a beautiful and good performance kitchen sink. A good sink will give us a comfortable and warm kitchen.

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1. How long is the delivery time?

The sinks are typically ready within 6-8 weeks after receipt of deposit. 

2. How can I get a sample?

We invite you to contact our sales team to discuss details regarding the sample. We would gladly arrange samples to be sent to the address you specified.

3. How do you make sure that you will be able to provide large quantity of sinks as we need them?

One of the best thing about fabricated sinks is that they are handmade. This means that sinks can be produced based on the specifications and design of our customer. Our high product development capabilities can design and create complex and advanced fabricated sinks. In fact, our team will guide you through the whole process and make sure of the quality of your sink.

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